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Transitioning to Retirement
fishing"Of all the wealth in transition events, retirement is the most universal, but potentially one of the most challenging. That’s because while there’s an emphasis in our culture on saving, there is much less clarity around living and spending in retirement." -Matt Weinheimer

Increasing lifespans are a wildcard in retirement income planning, because no individual or couple knows how long retirement income must last. Add to the puzzle the fact that most couples and individuals have estate planning and legacy goals and the planning picture can get complicated, quickly.

Weinheimer Wealth Management has the ability to assist with all types of retirement transition planning whether you’re eager anticipating an early retirement or are reluctantly retiring after decades on the job. We realize that the most important goal is ensuring that you have sufficient income to meet your needs during your lifetime, so planning for the distribution of your retirement savings is our top priority. Once those needs are taken care of, we can turn to the estate and legacy planning portion of the retirement wealth in transition process.

Specifically, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your assets and potential retirement income streams to design a plan that will:

  • Set aside funds for short term needs such as vacations, a new sports car or a new boat
  • Leverage Social Security, a pension and retirement savings to craft a long-term sustainable income stream
  • Create an estate plan in cooperation with experienced estate planning attorneys to preserve and pass on wealth as tax-efficiently as possible
  • Craft a legacy stewardship plan to pass on designated assets and income streams to philanthropic organizations

We’re here to help you work through the retirement in transition process, taking your unique situation and goals into consideration. At the end of the process, our objective is to create a plan that enables you and your family to fully enjoy retirement, secure in the realization that you’re in a position to fulfill the dreams of a lifetime.