Jasen Wallace*, CFP®

Jasen Wallace*, CFP®

Director of Financial Planning

Jasen Wallace is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who helps clients answer some of life’s biggest financial questions like: ‘How should I save for retirement?’ or ‘Should I pay off my debt or invest first?’ or ‘What’s the most suitable way for me to pay for my kid’s education?’ and ‘When is the most suitable time for me to take my Social Security?’

Jasen has worked over half a decade with both young professionals and those nearing or in retirement. Each have their own challenges that our firm is well equipped to handle.

Jasen earned his Masters Degree in Financial Planning from Texas Tech University, a Graduate Certificate in Charitable Planning, and passed the CFP® exam in 2012.

Jasen enjoys running, rock climbing, live comedy and music with his wife, Brandi.


  • Masters Degree in Financial Planning from Texas Tech University
  • Graduate Certificate in Charitable Planning
  • Passed the CFP® exam in 2012


  • Enjoys running and rock climbing
  • Loves live comedy and music